Frequently Asked Questions

Customer FAQ's

What are the benefits to purchasing with Materialstreet?
  • At Materialstreet you get all the construction material required to build your dream house from excavation to finishing. We have huge variety of brands and material to accommodate all your requirements. We simplify your search for material and provide you the best among all at just a click of your mouse. You don’t have to go to different vendors now, all you need to login to www.materialstreet.com
  • We bring you the best discounted rates and ensure you get the best quality material delivered at your doorstep.
  • You can track all your orders by logging in to My Account with user email id and password.
  • You can save items you are interested using the My Wish list feature; for easy purchase in the future If you choose to, you can get regular updates on new arrivals.
What are my payment options?

Materialstreet offers a wide range of payment options to accommodate every need and offer maximum flexibility. The following payment options are currently available with us:

  • Internet Banking. We have partnered with leading banks in India.
  • Visa and Master Credit Cards.
  • Debit Cards issued by all leading banks in India.
Can I pay via Cheque?

On choosing to pay via cheque, your order will be "On Hold" and will only be confirmed once the payment is realised.

Is Cash on Delivery available as a payment option?

Cash on Delivery is not available as a payment option on materialstreet.com

What happens if the order is not made successfully and payment gets deducted from my card?

For any unsuccessful transactions, you will get all the amount refunded to your account within 24 hours or as stipulated by your respective banks.

Does your site use a secure connection for sensitive information?

Our site uses SSL encryption to secure the communication of all sensitive information passing between your browser and our servers. You will see "https" in the URL (like https://www.materialstreet.com) that indicates the use of SSL.

What is a Wish list and how do I use it?

While browsing through the Material street website, you can add items that you like but wish to buy later, to your 'Wishlist'. Your Wishlist is the best way to keep items that you like handy. Remember that items in your Wishlist are not reserved or added to a cart.

I have forgotten my password. How do I login to my account?

Click on 'Login' link on the top right hand side of the page. This will open a window where you will see a 'Forgot Password?' link. Provide your registered email address and we will email you instructions for getting a new password.

How will I return my Item? What do I do if I get a damaged/defective or incorrect product?

A replacement request should be raised by a Buyer within 24 (twenty-four) hours of delivery, and a replacement will be done within 7 days time from raising of the replacement request by the Buyer through Material Street by the Seller and solely depends upon the availability of the Products.

Easy Return Policy is applicable within 7 days from receipt of the product and applicable only for the following reasons:

  • If the size or the dimensions of the ordered product is not as specified and is beyond tolerance limit (as per industry standard)
  • If wrong materials/products are delivered
  • If packed product delivered is or found tampered
  • If it is found that received products or material are defective or malfunctioning
  • If quality of the received material or product are not matching with manufacturer’s specification

The time frame starts from the date the product was delivered as per the confirmation received from the seller. You can also contact us on our Toll Free number or write to us at support@materialstreet.com

Do you provide guarantee/warranty for the products purchased through materialstreet?

Materialstreet facilitates marketplace transactions. We directly connect suppliers/manufacturers with customers. As a marketplace, we do not provide any guarantee or warranty for the products sold. However, every product which is sold on our platform has a guarantee or warrantee as provided by the manufacturer/ supplier. Additionally, with our strict supplier on-boarding process we make sure to give our customers the best buying experience. If you have an issue, we will facilitate discussions with suppliers and help resolve amicably.

Can I cancel a confirmed order on Materialstreet?

No, cancellations will not be accepted once an order reaches in shipment process. If you feel the order placed needs to be modified / cancelled, please get in touch with our Toll free number at 1800-1200-299 or support@materialstreet.com. We will be more than happy to solve your issues. To know more, please read our Returns & Cancellations Policy.

Seller FAQ's

How To Register?

1. How do I register myself as a Seller on Material Street?

The Seller registration process is pretty simple. We require simple documentation for registration. Just fill a simple form to register yourself as a seller on materialstreet.com.

Step 1: You will create your account with materialstreet and a request for approval will be generated.

Step 2: The Seller KYC Form will be sent on your registered e-mail id.

Step 3: You need to fill the form completely attaching along with the requisite documents and send it back to us at sell@materialstreet.com

Step 4: After the scrutiny and Verification of the Details and Documents received, Materialstreet will approve you as a Seller providing you an access to your eStore.

2. What documents do I require for registration and KYC procedure?

In order to start selling through materialstreet, you need to have the following documents and send us the same:

  • PAN Card: Personal PAN for business type proprietorship and personal & business PAN for business type as company.
  • Trade License /Partnership Deed/Memorandum of Article/ Certificate of Incorporation, whichever is Applicable
  • VAT/TIN Number
  • CST
  • An active bank account and supporting KYC documents
  • Cancelled cheque with entity name printed on the same
3. Do I need VAT and CST number to sell on materialstreet?

Yes, you need to provide your VAT/CST number during registration. However, if you are selling only VAT exempted categories, then this may not be required.

4. What should I do if I don't have any landline number?

If you don’t have landline number, then please provide your valid mobile number

5. What should I do if my mobile number or email id is already showing registered?

If you have an e-mail address/mobile number already registered as a customer account with us, and you wish to use the same email address & mobile number for your seller account, you will get an option in the customer dashboard from where a customer can use the option of keeping the same credentials as a seller also.

Product Portfolio

1. What are the products that I can sell on Material Street?

The Construction material segment is a vast arena of materials and presently we are offering the following materials:

  • Building Material
  • Plumbing
  • Bath Fittings & Accessories
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Boards & Plywood
  • Floor & Tiles
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Kitchen
  • Solutions
  • Doors & Windows

However, it may be possible that we might have still have left out some categories, you may please request at sell@materialstreet.com to add any other categories that you may be dealing in. Our team will help you in best of their capabilities.

2. How do I upload my listings/items on materialstreet?

Once you've registered yourself on materialstreet as a seller, and you have agreed to all the terms and conditions, the category manager will send you access of your eStore from where you can choose products already listed in our database and also you can add new products to the database subjected to a final approval by the category manager.

3. Will I get charged for listing the product?

Yes. Listing of products on materialstreet.com is at a nominal charge. You have to pay a reasonable commission for what you sell.

4. How can I update the stock for my products?

Once you are approved as a seller you can add/modify the inventory of your products from the Seller panel very easily.

Order Management

How can I get orders from customers?

When a customer places an order, our order management system will send you an email on your registered email id with the order details, and it will also reflect on your Seller dashboard.

How do I manage the orders?

Materialstreet offers a Seller dashboard on the website to operate and manage order. You can manage your orders using the Seller dashboard.

How can I ship my products to the customers?

The shipment of the product is taken care purely by the seller and it also depends upon the category of the item being shipped.

Payments Pricing Structure

1. How will I get charged?

We will charge a commission fee on your sale. The commission charges will vary across the categories.

2. How is the commission calculated? Show me an example?

Our commission consists of 4 components. They are:

  • Registration Fee: A Onetime fixed amount will be charged only at the time of registration based on the categories of materials a seller deals.
  • eStore Fee: A fixed monthly charge that starts from the day you make your first sale at material street
  • Inventory Fee: A very nominal charge of Rs 9/- from the seller per Invoice.
  • Platform Fee: A fixed % of sale value will be charged. It varies with category.
3. How can I view the commission charges for my products?

You can view the commission charges across the categories on your Seller dashboard, once you register on materialstreet.

4. How and when will I get paid?

All remittances will be processed once a week as per the applicable laws. The payment will be made directly to your bank account provided by the seller through NEFT transaction.