About Us

Material Street evolved from the vision of a person who knew the importance of the materials when it comes to construction, whether be it your home, your office or your construction project. It all started when he realized the amount of effort required and scrutiny to be done for selection of a material and then get it delivered to the location of actual construction. The process of material purchase landed him with certain questions in his mind…….

To start with he had to research about the material going door to door to various shops and vendors and understand the specifications of the material and its cost. He had to look for the various brand options and material alternatives, scrutinizing various brands and then finally he concluded that which brand was the best among all. Once the particular brand was finalized, he came to know that particular material had to be brought from some other location which will take some time.

Since the material had to be procured from a distant location, it involved extra cost which he had to bear. Another thing which pinched him was matter that how to check the quality of the material that he is going purchase. Finally after settling everything with the shopkeeper, transportation of the material was also another concern.

Needless to say, these hurdles or experiences have been handled and experienced by many of us. But not Anymore!!!!!

Wondering if there could be a better solution, the founder spent close to 6 months understanding the very basics of the material industry, from raw materials storage, manufacturing of various products and their modes of transportation. After some intense planning, trials and discussions with the best dealers and materials suppliers across India and the world, and hundreds of consumer interviews, the founder narrowed down on a solution that could get distinctive materials, well at prices that consumers would find practical.

And thus was born the journey of material Street. Material Street was evolved to take care of all your needs of material at the click of a mouse. It collaborates all the different materials, brands and material alternatives under one roof to choose what you desire. It gives an opportunity to deliver all the construction material right at your doorstep even if you are miles away from it. Material Street is the best place to when it comes to procurement of construction materials and helps the individual to get the best quality at a best price.

Partner With Us

Every day, we add new resellers and their materials to our range to help our customers make the right choices and select the best materials for their homes. If you would like to partner with us and join our journey of making a million beautiful homes, write to us at sell@materialstreet.com